Trends in representation theory of algebras and related topics

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Asashiba, Derived and stable equivalence classification of twisted multifold extensions of piecewise hereditary algebras of tree type, J. Algebra , Assem, D. Happel, Generalized tilted algebras of type An, Comm. Algebra 9 , no.

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Gabriel, A. Roiter, Representations of finite-dimensional algebras, Encyclopaedia of Mathematical sciences Vol. Pure Appl. Algebra , no. Open Journal Systems. Journal Help. User Username Password Remember me.

Symposia (open)

Notifications View Subscribe. These seemingly disparate topics are unified by a common methodology, which leverages universal properties and unforeseen descent by way of higher category theory. Furthermore, they enjoy powerful and complementary roles in application to the cyclotomic trace. The recent renaissance in equivariant stable homotopy theory has provided several new tools which allow us to better understand classical problems and carry out new computations. We will also explore the deep links with other closely related areas such as Lie theory and geometry, as well as possibly new research directions that would appear between now and the conference.

The conference programme will include invited lectures, a limited number of contributed talks and a poster session. Contact: Email: pavel60conference gmail. One of the reasons is that although researchers use different tools and techniques, their studies have profound connections and are understandable to people from both sides.

Sharing experiences and techniques is an opportunity for them to accelerate collaboration works. Index Theory and Complex Geometry recently both have spectacular developments. In this program, we plan to dig out more materials on complex geometry side of global analysis led by recent development on geometric hypoelliptic Laplacians. Frequently, and perhaps surprisingly, many questions in mathematics are easier to study for polynomials than for integers.

Hence intuition and results for polynomials can tell us about the integers. Commutative algebra lives at the intersection of both perspectives, and one fundamental object of study is polynomials with integer coefficients, this is called the mixed characteristic case. Recently, Yves Andre proved a long standing open conjecture in commutative algebra in this mixed characteristic setting, relying on constructions of Scholze and then Bhatt gave a simplified proof of the same conjecture.

On characterization of monomial irreducible representations by Pooja Singla

This workshop aims to foster and discuss these and other recent tools, to study some remaining open problems in mixed characteristic. The workshop will bring together a diverse group of researchers from different fields, such as commutative algebra, algebraic geometry, and number theory.

In the past 30 years, Professor Elduque has significantly contributed to the progress of Algebra, notably to the theory of non-associative graded algebras. This series of international conferences aims at bringing together leading scientists and young researchers in the field of Clifford algebras and their various applications in mathematics, physics, engineering and other applied sciences.

The English mathematician and philosopher William Kingdon Clifford is best remembered for his geometric algebras, nowadays better known in mathematics as Clifford algebras, named so in his honour, but he also contributed significantly to other branches of mathematics, especially geometry. Diophantine equations are named after Diophantus of Alexandria, a 3rd century mathematician and were popularized by Pierre de Fermat, a 17th century lawyer and amateur mathematician. Unlike most branches of mathematics, many Diophantine questions and theorems can be understood and appreciated by the general public, and the subject is a favourite with popularizers of mathematics.

The methods for tackling Diophantine equations are however deep and varied, and the subject has recently experienced an explosion of new directions and results. This workshop will bring together experts and young scholars to explore these new directions and stimulate further research into Diophantine problems. These objects are invariants of lattice and rational polytopes that are the focus of Ehrhart Theory. The main goal of the conference is to bring experts, young researchers, and students together to present recent developments in this dynamic and important field.

The conference also aims to stimulate research and support the interaction between the scientists by creating an environment for the participants to exchange ideas and to initiate collaborations and professional partnerships. The calendar is published for the convenience of conference participants and we strive to support conference organisers who need to publish their upcoming events. Although great care is being taken to ensure the correctness of all entries, we cannot accept any liability that may arise from the presence, absence or incorrectness of any particular information on this website.

Always check with the meeting organiser before making arrangements to participate in an event! Search the calendar. Closely related topics. Numerical Analysis and Computational Mathematics. Browse by subject. Conferences and Meetings on Algebra Select a location. Illustrating Mathematics Semester Program. The Illustrating Mathematics program brings together mathematicians, makers, and artists who share a common interest in illustrating mathematical ideas via computational tools.

The goals of the program are to: introduce mathematicians to new computational illustration tools to guide and inform their research; spark collaborations among and between mathematicians, makers and artists; and find ways to communicate research mathematics to as wide an audience as possible.

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  • Related subject s :. Event website:. Outer Space in Bielefeld. Bielefeld University, Faculty of Mathematics. The Faculty of Mathematics will host this conference about outer space, groups of outer automorphisms of free groups and related topics. Group Theory. International Conference "Morse theory and its applications" dedicated to the memory and 70th anniversary of Volodymyr Sharko The conference is dedicated to the memory of the outstanding topologist Volodymyr Sharko to commemorate his contributions to the Morse theory, K-theory, L2-theory, homological algebra, low-dimensional topology and dynamical systems.

    Geometry and Topology. Event listing ID:. It seems to us that this is the right time to push further the interplay between measurable, topological and Borel dynamics, which is already quite rich and deserves to be popularized. AIM Workshop: Double ramification cycles and integrable systems. This workshop, sponsored by AIM and the NSF, will be devoted to the study of the double ramification cycle in the moduli space of stable curves and its relation with the theory of integrable systems of PDEs, with a special stress on the double ramification hierarchy, a construction associating to any cohomological field theory an integrable system of PDEs and its quantization.

    Calculus, Differential Equations and Integration. By work of Darboux, and later Jouanolou, a polynomial vector field on the complex projective plane has only algebraic solutions if and only if it has sufficiently many such solutions, or equivalently, if there are enough algebraic curves left invariant by the vector field. Symposium on Graphs, Informatics and Algebra. The purpose of this workshop is to bring together researchers from different areas in order to share different points of view and to make collaborations possible, with the ultimate aim that this will result in new connections and possibly unexpected breakthroughs.

    Automorphic p-adic L-functions and regulators.

    Conferences and Meetings on Algebra

    The Conference will discuss the issues of - infinite dimensional holomorphy, - topological tensor products, - Banach space theory, - operator theory, - topological algebra, - geometric and infinite dimensional topology. Illustrating Number Theory and Algebra. Number Theory, Arithmetic. Subfactors and Applications. The theory of subfactors of von Neumann factors, founded by Fields Medalist Vaughan Jones, is an exciting and extremely active area of mathematics that has profound connections with low dimensional topology, group theory, conformal field theory, statistical mechanics, quantum information theory and many others.

    Algebraic transformation groups: the mathematical legacy of Domingo Luna. Western Algebraic Geometry Symposium. Algebraic Geometry Symposium. Louis, United States.

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    Buildings, Varieties and Applications. This workshop, sponsored by AIM and the NSF, will be devoted to studying geometric realizations of Langlands functoriality via cycles on Shimura varieties. A Representation Theory Summit in Rome.

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    • Bayesian Artificial Intelligence (Chapman & Hall Crc Computer Science and Data Analysis);
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    • Trends in Representation Theory of Algebras and Related Topics : Andrzej Skowroski : .
    • Probability and Statistics, Game Theory. Interpolation dans les espaces de fonctions analytiques — Interpolation in Spaces of Analytic Functions. The goal of this conference is to gather people interested in holomorphic interpolation and related subjects, including sampling theory, uniqueness problems, and reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces. Workshop — Holomorphic Differentials in Mathematics and Physics.


      Holomorphic differentials on Riemann surfaces have long held a distinguished place in low dimensional geometry, dynamics and representation theory. Special consideration will be given to research that is motivated by real-world problems. Workshop on BPS states.