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We're inclusive, joyful, and loving. Our work - presented in live ceremonies and now-developing new media - extols the creative spirit in every one of us, and softens bigotry, hatred, and intolerance. Creativity Part ceremony, part salon, part show, each in-person gathering has a different theme and an ever-changing roster of artists and performers. The thread that connects each Secret City event is the programming and the playful and intentional use of ritual.

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Community Featuring storytelling, live band, performance, food, meditation, The Secret City Singers and joyful community interaction, our events are open to all with a suggested donation. We also provide free childcare and a potluck coffee hour afterward.

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The Secret City happens to live regularly in New York City, Los Angeles, and the Hudson Valley, and we aim to bring our joyful celebrations to the larger world in the very near future. It's a ceremony.

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It's a show. And, here are some recent responses to our live events: "Finally, something worth worshiping! A communal, spiritual, art-fest without the g-o-d talk. Jacki plays what she thinks is her trump card, saying Hartzig falsified the document in return for Chief of Defence.

But PM Jim says he hasn't signed off on anyone as and Jacki realises she's been played. Harriet's at Brimmer's now.

I know what this is about he says. You're looking inside and you couldn't do it without seeing what it would be like to sleep with me. Sexiest guy is the show I reckon.

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She tells Brimmer about the decryption software, going off site, and they realise they're looking for a dodgy hotel. She's back at Kim's and she's grabbed by an intruder. She makes a call to Dancer to come to the rescue but he's too late and by the time he gets there she's in a bloody bath, and her wrists are cut … but he saves her and they hatch a plan to get her out of the country. You're not safe here. Mal's looking miserable.

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It's breakup time as Weng admits she's going back to China. I know you've been running Bailey he says. He's pissed but he's heartbroken. They start talking about defection. Goodbye she says. Now, while Harriet is waiting for Dancer to get her passport, something clicks.

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She calls her assistant Sasha and wants her to track down a speech by ASD head Vaughn at a terrorism conference. She tries to get out of the car but the door's locked and she realises her time is up. Dhao gets in. She's a goner. Meanwhile Brimmer's trolling every shady hotel in the region and finds Kim's lap top behind a minibar. It's a video of Sabine being brought back into Australia the first time. Harriet plays Vaughn's speech to Sabine, hoping that she'll recognise accent but it's not Vaughn.

But the voice from the plane from Beijing is Dancer! And it's Dancer in Kim's video too. He's the bad guy. Harriet's been sleeping with the enemy. And now he's meeting with Wheeler. You've got to get rid of Harriet he says. We don't want another body. But we're back with Mal and Jacki.

Charles Baudelaire was right says Mal, the finest trick of the devil is to persuade you he doesn't exist. He's worked everything out. The genius of you, Jacki, is that you've been spying for China for years from inside the pocket of the Americans but it's over, they're going to know who you are.

From the Secret City to TOP END WEDDING - Adelaide Film Festival

But Jacki plays her trump card, telling him Weng is dead. And she's got photos of all the times Mal and Weng did the deed. Bye Mal. Your time in the Big House is done. Back with Harriet and Dancer now. A shortcut to the airport through the forest where Kim was killed. What dangerous game is she playing.