Is There No Place on Earth for Me

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Susan Sheehan. Susan Sheehan, a talented reporter followed "Sylvia" for almost a year talking with and observing her listening to her monologues, sitting in on consultations with doctors, even for a period sleeping in the bed next to her in a mental hospital.

There's No Place On Earth Quite Like The Galapagos Islands

She brings relentless intelligent attention to bear on a particular case, a journalistic practice that almost always results in new and disturbing insights into those mindless generalities and prejudice and certitudes we tend to carry around with us. The history of a single patient leads us into a maze of understaffed institutions, bureaucratic fumbling, trial-and-error treatment and familial incomprehension. Though Sheehan keeps herself invisible, her sympathy is palpable.

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Larson - LibraryThing Interesting story. Disappearing Incidents. Eventually she began therapy with Francine Baden pseudonym , a young clinical psychologist Sylvia later called the only therapist with whom she tried to work out her problems.

From there she went to St. Vincent's, and eventually to Creedmoor, the first of 3 stays there Jun.

Writer describes Miss Frumkin's time in and out of mental hospitals, up to , describing drug therapies she has received, as well as electroconvulsive therapy and insulin-coma therapy. She has been consistently diagnosed a schizophrenic; the term is explained. The principal treatment has been with the neuroleptic drugs, such as Thorazine and Stelazine.

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